+++ In these days of do more, be more, have more, it may be wise to get off the beaten track and reflect on what is best for you in the workplace. What fits your lifestyle? What fits your integrity? What captures your interest? What warms your heart? +++ I once read a story about a young lawyer who was joining a prestigious firm. She was spending a quiet evening with her grandmother and she told her that she was going to do all that she could to advance in her new organization. She would take a night school course to become an expert in her specialty, and join community organizations to bring in business. She was determined to do everything and 'learn it all'. To her mind, the picture she was painting was one of the perfect employee. Doing all those things would win her recognition, acceptance and an elevated career path. +++ The expected approval and enthusiasm from her grandmother was not forthcoming. Smiling at her well-meaning granddaughter, she said: "Be good at whatever you do and do only what you are willing to do well." This startled the young lawyer and caused her a great deal of deep thought. After a few nights of poor sleep, she embraced her grandmother's wisdom. Now she is the esteemed senior partner in her firm. +++ Hopefully, you have chosen your work carefully. If not, rethink it. If so, are you making sure that you are good at what you do? Do you stay up-to-speed in your industry? Then, add that next step, do only what you are willing to do well. This may take some honesty but it will have tremendous impact on all areas of your life. +++ Apply this wisdom liberally. Imagine the impact it will have on your relationships!