Don't Be So Quick To 'Blame Others'....You May Be Next"

"Don't Be So Quick To 'Blame Others'....You May Be Next" copyright 2001-02 John Evans Blaming others doesn't always make sense. In fact some of the "blames" are really quite stupid. Take these for instance: 1. Someone buys a cup of coffee in a restaurant. Same person spills the coffiee in their lap, and is burned. Is the restaurant to blame because the coffee was "too hot?" Ridiculous! 2. Or, a man robs a store, and happens to be wearing 'X-Brand' tennis shoes. Is the tennis shoe maker to blame for the robbery? Ridiculous! 3. If one person advertising in an ezine decides to SPAM someone, is the ezine to blame? Ridiculous! SOME ARE JUST TOO DARN QUICK TO PUT THE BLAME ON OTHERS!.... Have you ever forgotten that you subscribed to an ezine? Do you use the very same email address for all of your subscriptions in order to better keep track of them? We use JUST ONE email address for subscriptions. Sure makes it easier to unsubscribe when I know which email address I used when I asked for the subscription. To help us keep track of ezines we get, and the ads we send out, I made a simple advertising form. On it are these headings:Circulation, Publishing Day, MY Ad Code, My Ad #, Their Adcode, Date Placed, and Date Ad Ends. Plus info on how many lines, number of characters, how often, and any other instructions. The reason I bring all of this up is that every once in a while I read about someone being "blamed" for sending SPAM, when they aren't even guilty. And the person doing the yelling may not even realize that THEY are the one that's wrong. Like I said above, sometimes people forget they subscribed. Most ezines keep real good track of their subscribers, by keeping copies of the original request. They also may have a very easy way to unsubscribe, usually a clickable link that you only have to Click On, then click Send. Very simple, and very quick to do. And takes a lot less time to do then writing out a SPAM email. So, if in doubt, don't be so quick to blame others, because someone just might (falsely?) blame you next! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ copyright 2001-02 John Evans You can make money with the Secret Site. You can use this article but please leave it intact. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++