What Are You Afraid Of?

Have you ever wondered just what you are afraid of? What stops you from taking the next step forward that will keep you on the path of achieving your goals? The reason for most people's fear is buried deep within themselves. A low level of self-confidence and self-esteem makes us feel unhappy about ourselves. Because our thoughts are based on feelings of inadequacy, we set our boundaries and standards very low and achieve little in our lives. One of the greatest realizations that you may ever experience in your life is that the emotion of fear is part of being human. It's perfectly normal to experience misgivings and doubts! Fear will never go away no matter how self-confident or successful we are. The key to overcoming our fears is to feel good about ourselves and think positively. We can then begin to use the energy that fear creates positively in our lives. A really simple way of beginning to understand your fears is to get a piece of paper and make a list of what makes you feel most afraid. Alongside each entry, write down the action that you will take in order to overcome that fear. Give it a go!