Soul Goals

Last night I was talking with some of my dearest friends about Manifesting our Dreams through the Power of Goalsetting. As we were sharing, I explained the way I manifested my current radio show. It all started when more than 5 years ago I wrote my 100 lifetime goals. Included on the list was my own radio show. This year, that came to fruition. I also mentioned adding some distinctly "unbusinessy" goals on my list. These goals ironically have the power to significantly impact the bottom line of all my entrepreneurial and personal growth efforts. These Goals are what I call my "Soul Goals". As I write, I am looking at a simple glass vase on my desk. In it are three roses and an iris. Just the act of looking at them makes me smile. In another favorite workspace of mine, the kitchen table, there is a bouquet of gloriously fragrant huge deep red roses. Last night I opened the door on my corner cabinet and the scent of these magnificent flowers hypnotized me, filling me with wonder. On the same 100 Lifetime Goals list, I wrote "have fresh flowers in my office and home at all times". These delectable floral arrangements from my own garden are a fulfillment of that goal. It is an ongoing goal, a soul goal that in turn makes me more productive in my adventures in business and life. This weekend I saw many friends I had not seen in a long time. In many conversations, I included, "Are you able to get away from your office for lunch during the week? I would love to invite you tolunch so we can catch up and simply spend time together." Another goal on my list is "Have lunch with one friend weekly". This is abare minimum goal. It is also one I have overlooked as I busily careened down the mompreneur path. Seeing all my beloved (and neglected) friends this week end reminded me how important it is to have these regularly scheduled heart connection times. Without scheduling, they simply won't happen! None of these folks knew about all the current excitement in my life, nor did I know the excitement in their lives. One of my friend is having significant challenges with her teen aged son, another friend is still in the same job she wanted to quit when we met six years ago. I look so forward to the get togethers I have scheduled so we can continue to grow together, much more intentionally than we have in the recent past. I won't be preparing an elegant meal: it will be simple. What I will prepare is the space in my heart for some special conversation and laser focus on the people I care about it. The ones who I have not demonstrated this focus upon lately. My soul has missed it. And now I am responding at the absolutely perfect time. As you look over your goals and intentions, which goals speak to your soul? Which goals can you look towards which are there simply to remind you of the connections you have with fellow travelers on life's path? Which ones remind you of the beauty that surrounds you? If these are absent from your list, what would be the best solution? Modify your list and add some Soul Goals. What will amaze you each time is not only the powerful impact upon your Soul, you will notice the powerful impact on your work as well. Passion Activator: You may be leery of this whole concept of "Soul Goals". There is nothing inherently wrong with your query. What I would request you do is this: take out your list of goals or begin creating a list of goals. For each 5 "hard" or business, career, personal achievement goals, include one "Soul Goal". This way if it is your first attempt at Goal Setting, you will have a place to start. Secondly, if you work with a daily "To Do" list (my personal preference and tool to use is a "Possibility List") be sure to use the same ratio. For each 5 "hard" items on the list, include 1 "Soul Item" on your list. Finally, be lovingly patient and compassionate with yourself. Change does not occur overnight. It occurs with consistent, passionate action towards positive change.