Top Ten Steps to Focus on Achieving What You Really Want

1. Write a list of everything you want in all 8 areas of your life. Physical environment, Health, Friends/Family, Work/Business, Partner/Relationship, Fun/Recreation, Personal Development, Finances. When you can clearly see everything you want, your choice of focus is more balanced. 2. List all the things you don't want to have and then turn them around to identify what you do want. It's often easier to identify what you don't want and this enables you to focus on what you do want. 3. Define your vision, i.e. what you see as possible and then remove from your lists anything that doesn't fit. Your unique vision comes from within you, allowing you to focus on what's really right for you personally. 4. Remove from your lists anything you feel pushed to do either by yourself or others. When you only have things you feel pulled and drawn towards, it's more exciting and easier to achieve. 5. Tell yourself the truth about what you really want. There's often a lot of fear involved in being truthful, even with ourselves. Face up to this fear and by being truthful, you'll have a clearer picture of what you really want. 6. Stop trying to choose what to focus on and step back by taking time for yourself to either read, be with friends, laugh, play, have fun, discover and dream. These activities allow for new possibilities, different perspectives and a freedom to make choices based on clarity, rather than pressure. 7. Don't allow the negative feeling "I can't" stop you from going for what you really want. Most things are achievable by most people and by taking one small step forward, you'll see that "I can" is a real possibility. 8. Focus your time, energy and attention on what you do want, rather than what you don't want. You'll get more out of whatever you focus your attention on. 9. Narrow down your list of what you want to one specific thing for now, by numbering all the items and then set up a draw sheet as used in sports tournaments. Your emotional and instinctive sides will come into play and leave you with one specific item to focus on. 10. Identify at least one step you can take immediately towards achieving this item. As you initiate the action, decide on the next step and keep on until you've achieved what you really want. Taking actions, even small ones, builds your momentum, confidence and moves you towards your goals.