Hot on Yahoo's heels, comes Looksmart @.15 per click!

In the headlong rush to reach sustained profitability, Yahoo has been doing all sorts of twists and turns. They increased the price of submitting a site for "review" a while ago to $299. Recently, they made the $299 fee annual. Then, just a few weeks ago, they changed all the Yahoo Mail users preferences from "opt out" to "opt in" *without* asking them so that they could send ads to everyone! Hmmm... Now, hot on the heels of Yahoo, comes LookSmart. But they've added another twist... When Yahoo made changes to its policy, it "grandfathered" existing accounts (making them immune to the changes and only applying them to new accounts), However, LookSmart, who used to charge $199 for "Express Submit", which was then increased to $299 (sound familiar?) has now gone "Pay Per Click" (with no click costing less than 15 cents!). Not only that, but they've applied the changes to all existing accounts. So if you paid $299 for a "review", you now have to pay per click. Looksmart have tried to offset the potential backlash by offering the first 100 clicks per month ($15) for "free" ..but only for the first 20 months (which totals $300, so you don't lose out...unless you happen to get more than 100 clicks per *month*, or want to stay in Looksmart beyond 20 months). Looksmart has also changed some links within its directory to *affiliate* links in an attempt to earn commission from sales. That's right, if you submit a direct link to your site, LookSmart may change it to an affiliate link with them as your new affiliate! My advice... Invest your advertising money in new technology searchengines and directories! Check out the newest and hottest technology: The internets "1st Worldwide Talking Directory". Get Listed for a lifetime. Get Discovered! Also check out: