Track Your Achievements to Ensure Your Success

I don't feel like I am making fast enough progress - I think this is a far more common feeling than most realize. It tends to stem from our being so 'forward thinking' with regards to our own goals. Please don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong at all with having long- term goals, as long as we take the time to acknowledge our achievements along the way... I used to be absolutely notorious for "not feeling like I was making ample progress on my own goals". I would always find myself asking, "Why I am not where I want to be yet?" Then a friend of mine made me realize that I was in fact making a plenty of progress. It was just that I was biased by my future goals to the point that I wasn't taking the time to give myself proper credit for what I'd already achieved. My friend, I encourage you to track your achievements. Don't simply cross out your goals as you achieve them. Instead write them out (keep your own success journal). Save them for future reference so that the next time you feel you're not making ample progress in your life you can break out the proof that you are!