"Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone!"

There is one thing that can easily put a damper on your business' growth, and it is called the comfort zone. Actually, this can not only put a hold on a businesses growth, but also on starting a business in general. By comfort zone, I mean the fact that most people in the world today are too "comfortable" in their current situation to do what it takes to make the amount of money that they want to make. They aren't willing to do what it takes to succeed because they are fine the way they are now. And this doesn't just pertain to business or Internet marketing. This is for every aspect of life. Why are people overweight? Because they are too comfortable being in that weight and eating fatty foods to do what it takes to become their ideal weight. They may not admit being comfortable, but they are. Have you ever tried to eat a no fat diet? It isn't easy, but most people are too comfortable eating cookies and ice cream to go on a no fat diet and lose the weight. This is just an example of course, but it proves my point. Most average people work a 9-5 job, have a family and are making it by. They may not be rich, but they put food on the table and pay their bills. This is enough work for most people and they are not willing to give up their "off" time to make more money. And by all means, that is fine, but for those of us who DO want to make tons of money, we have to constantly find ways to get out of this comfort zone and progress consistently. The comfort zone can happen at any time as well. I experience it all the time actually. And this is what holds most people back from starting a new venture, or progressing in the one they are already in. To the average person, "change" is threatening. Why change when you aren't suffering right now? Too get to where you REALLY want to be, that's why. Have you ever met a single mom who is struggling to feed her kids? Ever notice how she is always busy and seems to never stop? It is because she has no comfort zone. Struggling single moms who love their kids actually possess the discipline and spirit that CEOs strive for. This is because they know that if they stop, their kids might not eat. There is nothing "comfortable" about that, so they strive on and make great things happen. For CEOs, if they stop, then their competition will pass them up. Why do people who grow up poor succeed all the time? It is because they have a burning desire to achieve a comfort zone, because they have never had one. So what can you do to make it out of your own comfort zone and make great things happen? Change is the key. Change your schedule, how you operate, what you do at certain times, how you work on certain projects, etc.. Make some changes, jump out of your comfort zone and go get what you want! See you at the bank, Wes Blaylock