Focus on Your Achievements

Do you often think about what you still have to do each day? Does this feel overwhelming? Does there always seem so much to do that you don't feel as if you're achieving enough? I've found that when I start coaching people, either in business or personally, many of them focus on what still needs to be done. They seem to forget or discard all that they have achieved. When you get to the end of your day are you still thinking about what you haven't done? Perhaps there are some days when you accomplish a lot and you feel as if you've achieved something - that's a great feeling isn't it? How do you feel about the other days when you believe you haven't done enough? When we focus on what we haven't completed we're highlighting our weaknesses. Focusing on our strengths is a much more positive approach. In what ways can you focus on your strengths? I suggest that you create for yourself an achievement journal. In this, you write each day about all the things you've achieved. Grab the opportunity to say "well done" to yourself. The journal may be a pleasant notebook or a document on your computer where you cut and paste items completed from your schedule - or even a loose piece of paper. You can either list them all or choose three. I really encourage you to make time each day to list your achievements. You're worth it.