Rocket Your Way to Riches

It's Monday morning and today's the day you begin at your new post. After a 25 year career in construction, hair- styling or burger-flipping, you've finally landed that coveted job with Rocky Rockets Inc. You've been hired as VP in charge of Rocket Building and, such is the trust they've put in you, you are to work unsupervised. Eager to impress and get that million dollar rocket building bonus, you get on with it ... At the end of the week, you launch your first rocket, but because you didn't know anything about torque ratios or special space paint (well, it sounds technical), it burns up on re-entry, killing all ten astronauts on board. Naturally, your bonus goes up in smoke along with it! Losing your job, you vow to try brain surgery next week. Now I can hear you asking, no screaming, "What the devil has this got to do with my Internet business?" Everything! Oh sure, the story is maybe a little far fetched, but this is exactly the approach most people are taking with their Internet money-making endeavours. Even though no-body dies (well, maybe your family from starvation if you go totally broke) your results so far are probably pretty similar? Or, in the parlance, they *crashed and burned*! Ever signed up for a program, advertised it once or twice, decided *it* didn't work because you weren't rich in a week, so you signed up another and repeated the sad process? You and 95% of others. And it ain't gonna work! Why, I wonder? Yes, we've all been to the "University of Life" and we all think that we've picked up enough skills along the way. Certainly, many of them are transferable. We've all worked for plenty of awful bosses so we all KNOW we can do a better job, don't we? We don't like to admit that we don't know everything and we don't like to ask what we feel are stupid questions. So this is what we do -- throw ourselves headlong and unprepared, merely setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure. Sometimes in arrogance, other times in ignorance, but the plain sad fact is and, it should now seem obvious in light of the above fictional story, that if you'd spent the first weeks or months reading "Rocket Science for Dummies", you might have had a chance of building a better rocket and of collecting the big bonus in a few months time. Face it, without some study and preparation, you are no more likely to make money in the first days of your fledgling Internet career than you are of doing rocket science. So step back from wildly promoting that sure-fire program via 2 million ways that don't work and study what does. Remember the hare and the tortoise? Think long-term. The way to become a soaring success is NOT just to light the blue touch-paper and retire!