To Start Succeeding, Stop Pushing

"I have to solve this problem now. The sooner the better!" "Once I figure this out I will....." "I can't do Y until I do X and I do X RIGHT" Push, push, push. As a society, it seems popular and highly favored to become a "go getter". Some one who "knows where she is going and makes a way to get there." Ladder climbers have been known to trounce several or quite a few on the way above and beyond. The easy way? Never! Part of the badge of honor is the striving, the struggle, the sweat and the tears. There has GOT TO BE a better way. The good news there IS and it is SOOOOO much simpler! Instead of pushing so hard and becoming so frustrated, simply tap into the most efficient methods of using your personal gifts to achieve the desired results. You might be asking, "Well, how is that possible without pushing?" Here is the often overlooked secret. There are three simple steps: 1. Instead of saying "I HAVE TO solve this problem or ONCE I figure this out or I MUST do X before Y, ask yourself something else. The have to's and the once I's and the I must's are fruit of not having enough. They are the outcome of believing the world is a place of poverty, powerlessness and scarcity. One moment walking along the shore and you will remember this is a world of incredible abundance. So ASK yourself, "How can I solve this?" or "How can I do this now?" or "In what way can I do Y before X is in place?" Simply, quietly and reflectively ask yourself those replacement questions whenever one of the scarcity based statements begins playing in your mind's audio system. 2. Do not become overly concerned about an immediate answer. Simply ask, and if you have not had a "Eureka" moment, continue to quietly and peacefully re-ask the question WITHOUT pushing. One of the best times to ask yourself your question is before going to sleep at night. In fact, this is a practice you may want to try each night before going to sleep. 3. Be alert to any possible response from your subconscious mind. You may want to spend some focused contemplative time and directly ask yourself for the response. Many people will say "I don't have any more minutes in my day. How can I spend contemplative time?" One response is ASK yourself! And for now, use the time you are already using for something else and build a bridge. One method is to use your shower or bath time. Hopefully when you are showering you are relaxed and comfortable, which is the perfect context to tune into your wellspring of ideas. Using your subconscious mind to be drawn into success is so much simpler than pushing yourself unmercifully right OUT of success. Partnering with your subconscious, you will be amazed at the brilliant solutions you create over very little time. A variation of this technique is used in test taking: you may have learned it when you were younger. In college, one professor advised me to read the entire test through before starting to answer any questions. This way, for any answers you are not clear on, your subconscious will immediately begin searching for the answers while you are busily responding to those questions you know the answers for immediately. Its like when you are digging around your brain for someone's name, or a book title, or a movie, and you say, "Shoot! I know what it is, I just can't remember right now!" and twenty minutes later you will shout (seemingly out of nowhere) "A Wrinkle in Time! That's the book I read in sixth grade by Madeliene L'Engle!" or "Russell Crowe won best actor last year!" Your brain has an even more amazing search function than your computer. Using this function will empower you to stop pushing your way to semi-success. You will now be able to flow your way into flourishing prosperity. Review the three steps and ask yourself the questions. Allow yourself to receive the answers while not being overly concerned with the immediate answer. Instead, know the perfect answer is already within you. Embrace the truth that to truly start succeeding, it is most fruitful to stop pushing.