One Step At a Time

Earlier this week, I was putting together some bookcases. You know those kind that come in a thin box with a picture on front of how great it will look when it's finished. In big letters on the front it said, "Quick and Easy Assembly." This was a lie. An outright lie. But after I got over being lied to, I settled down to build the bookcases. Of course with 3 children in the house, I had some help. And late into the project, when I asked, "What's the next step?", they told me, and of course - they skipped a step. They didn't mean to (they never do, do they?). They were just in such a hurry that they turned two pages instead of one. Well, we fixed the problem, and the bookcases look great by the way, but it ended up taking even longer than it was going to (there was nothing "quick and easy" about it!). Well, of course this got me to thinking. By trying to skip steps and hurry, we ended up taking even longer. And since I relate everything to the Internet (do you do that, too?), it just reinforced for me my deeply held belief that you CANNOT GET RICH OVERNIGHT! I think every one of us probably thought that at the beginning. It's so easy to fall for it, because it's what we want to believe anyway. Then reality sets in, and so many people quit, just at the time when they could start making some money. You're serious about your business or you're not. And if it's just a game to you, or a fad, then of course - you're going to fail! But after your dreams of instant wealth have died a long slow death, then step back, take stock, and start the long uphill battle to knowledge and you WILL become a success! So maybe it doesn't happen overnight. So what? I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed a job more. It doesn't even feel like a job. How lucky we are to be doing something we enjoy so much, learning new things daily, and sometimes even making some money at it! So take it one step at a time, and success will be yours!