How do I clean my cosmetic brushes?

Brushes are often overlooked. We use them then simply throw them back in our make-up case not caring much for the condition we leave them. This is usually the reason why the brushes we buy do not last as long as we hoped for. Armando's Brushes last a long time because they are made with sable bristles and even with the use of high-quality materials, Armando's Brushes would not last much longer than lower quality brushes without the proper care. So what is proper brush care and what are the benefits it will give you besides longevity? When applying your make-up, your brushes mix with your cosmetics as well as the oils on your skin. Over time, this could cause the bristles of the brush to clump together causing your make-up application to not go as smoothly as you would like. That fine line you like for your eyeliner may not be obtainable with a dirty brush. Not caring for your brushes may also cause different shadows to mix together in your brush creating a color that you never intended on using! Okay, so now you know what happens when we don't care for our brushes. So how do we clean them? To clean your brushes, run them under tepid water. (Always hold the brush under the water with the handle pointing up so as not to damage the brush.) Add a small amount of mild shampoo to your index finger then emulsify (by rubbing your index finger and thumb together). Gently squeeze the shampoo into your brush. Rinse your fingers and brush. When thoroughly rinsed, gently wring out the remaining moisture from the brush while forming the bristles and set on a towel to dry. With these simple steps, you could be another of Armando's customers whose brushes last them over twenty years! Just think of the money you will save! Make-up by Armando - Your Beauty Solution