Why should I use cosmetic brushes?

Most people overlook the importance of using application tools, like brushes, when they apply their make-up. The most important reason is performance. How would you feel if you went to have your make-up done by a professional and they applied your make-up with their fingers? You would not pay for it would you. The same idea applies to you at home. By using a brush that is made for the particular process you are performing (i.e. applying eye shadow with an eye shadow brush) it will only make the application process easier. Applying your blush is another good example. It is very hard to make both of your cheeks look even when you use your fingers as application tools. For those of you that have trouble keeping your make-up on throughout the day, like your eyeliner, use a firm bristle brush and a flat eye shadow instead of a pencil. The shadow will stay on better, and give you a more natural looking line that will not make your eyes appear smaller. The next important reason for using brushes is so you do not contaminate your cosmetics. There are a lot of things that you touch which can be transmitted to your cosmetics if you use your fingers. This can cause a problem for people with sensitive skin or eyes. If a problem does occur you end up having to throw away the product, which is money wasted. You may even have to go to work without make-up for a few days to let your eyes or skin heal. When you decide to purchase your brushes, make sure they are a good quality brush. We have customers that have used the same set of our brushes for over ten years. This will end up saving you money in the long run. If you had to buy a $5.00 contour brush every year because it falls apart, in ten years you have spent $50.00. Our contour brush would only cost you $14.97 for the same amount of use. Another way brushes will save you money is you will not waste so much of your cosmetics. Since the brush is only used to apply cosmetics there is no need to wipe the excess off every time you use it. You only need to clean them once every two weeks. As you can see by the examples I have given brushes can only make your life easier. Not only will your make-up come out better, you will save money too. Remember an artist needs their tools and so do you. If you would like to see the brushes we sell, visit the Brushes section of our website. Make-up by Armando - Your Beauty Solution http://www.makeupbyarmando.com/