The More I Learn, The Less I Know

I used to think I was a pretty smart fellow. Not a genius or anything, but still, pretty smart. I figured I could make some money on the Internet in no time. After all, nearly everybody has a computer, and everybody buys stuff online, so I thought I would get in on this and make some money. Ha! We've all been suckered by that one, haven't we? It's just not true, and no amount of wishing will make it so. This is hard work, and anybody who says it isn't, either is lying, or they're already successful and have forgotten what's it like! Oh, the scams I fell for! I wish I had back even 10% of that money! Well, live and learn. That's right - LEARN. When I finally realized I didn't know quite as much as I thought I did, that's when things began to turn around for me. Not that I'm what anybody would call a "success". If someone offered me a job for the hours I work, and the money I make, I would have to turn it down, ya know? I mean, I think it's below poverty level...real far below. However, I AM making some money, more each week, and I'm constantly working on ways to make more. My point is that none of this happened until I realized that I didn't know anything. Now I find that I learn something new EVERY DAY. This is the most fascinating venture I've undertaken, and it's filled with opportunities! I read every article I can get my hands on. I buy NUMEROUS products, books, ebooks, and reports. Some of them I've found worthwhile and some of them were junk. But now I look at them differently than I used to. Instead of not even reading them, and just using them to make money, I read everything! I read all the time. Sometimes I don't learn anything at all, but usually I find some nugget of information I can use in even the worst products! So, forget everything you thought you knew. You don't know anything. Now read, think, listen, and learn. You'll start making some money - I guarantee it.