THE MOST COMMON TIME WASTERS, I believe, are: 1. Telephone Interruptions 2. Drop-in Visitors 3. Meetings 4. Crisis Management 5. Lack of Objectives, Priorities a Daily plan 6. Cluttered Desk, Personal Disorganization. 7. Ineffective Delegation 8. Attempting too Much at Once 9. Lack of Clear Communication 10. Inadequate, Inaccurate Delayed Information 11. Indecision and Procrastination 12. Confused Responsibility and Authority. 13. Inability to Say "No". 14. Leaving Tasks Unfinished 15. Lack of Self-Discipline MORE COMMON TIME WASTERS (IN RANK): 1. Planning (lack of). 2. Priorities (lack of) 3. Telephone interruptions 4. Cluttered/cluttered desk 5. Procrastination 6. Visitors 7. Lack of Self Discipline 8. Ineffective delegation 9. Attempting too much 10. Inability to say 'No' The 80/20 Principle: 20% of activity gives 80% of results and 80% of activity gives 20% of results (known as the Pareto Principle). * Focus on the important few activities, not the trivial many. * Don't procrastinate * The key is self discipline. * "First we make habits, then habits make us." "When we control our time, we master our life" Good luck