Coping With Teens

Useful Links & Things Need information? Don't know who to ask or where to turn? Here are some useful links and information sources that will respect YOU and your privacy. Coping With Teens Most of us were never taught to be parents. So we can't help but disappoint ourselves sometimes. How often have you heard yourself using the very words you hated hearing from your own parents? When our kids become teenagers, it gets even harder. They seem to reject everything we've taught them. As far as they're concerned, we know nothing. Our values and beliefs are constantly challenged. Every word we utter is seen as interference. Emotions run high. But we're more important to our teens than ever. As they try out the values of their peers, who are more influential than ever, we counter the pull of drugs, alcohol and early sex. These entangle children every day and can ruin their lives. Here are some links that might help: The turbulent teens Getting along with your teen Dealing with anger Ignoring problems won't make them go away What to do if your teen runs away If you need to talk Missing Child We've compiled a lot of helpful suggestions for finding a missing child right here. Keep in mind that runaways often travel short distances and come back after a few days. Nonetheless, take action immediately. Think clearly and logically about where your child might be. Try to figure out why he is missing or running away at this particular time. Follow only those suggestions that are useful and in order of their importance. Keep a notebook recording all the steps you've taken and dates. Useful links: Contact the police Contact your child's network Search your neighborhood Who to call for help Publicize Prepare for a call from your child How to cope when your child returns home If you need to talk Suicide Most young people end up killing themselves because they simply don't know where else to turn. They are in some kind of pain that seems unbearable and they want the pain to stop. They end up stopping their entire lives just because they didn't know what else to do. Here are some links that might help: Why do people kill themselves? Suicide warning signs What do you know about suicide? Need to talk? VISIT HERE: