Is your first impression HELLO?

We only get one chance to make a first impression. This is very important when soliciting new distributors. We need to have potential distributors perceive us as the professionals in our industry. Knowing the first impression we make is a lasting one, why do we insist on answering our phone simply by saying "HELLO?" Most of us just don't think about it. Let's look at a couple alternatives. If you are an individual, you might choose to answer the phone like this: "Hello. This is Chris Bradford. Thank you for calling. How may I help you today?" Or, if you are a corporation or other business entity, you might choose to answer the phone in this manner: "Thank you for calling Brande's Dream Team. This is Chris Bradford. How may I help you today?" With either of these methods, you will be making a truly professional first impression. What about your answering machine? Does it simply take messages, or do you also use it as a promotional tool? Whoever is calling you wants to speak to you. They will probably leave a message. So you have their attention, for about one minute. If your message is any longer than one minute, they are more likely to hang up on you. Let's look at a simple sample script. "Thank you for calling. This is Chris Bradford, distributor of wonderful products and promoter of an exceptional business opportunity. I regret I am unavailable to take your call at the moment. However, Your call is very important to me. At the sound of the tone, please leave me as detailed of a message as possible, and I will return your call within 24 hours." In this message you accomplished several important things. 1. You thanked them for calling you. 2. You gave them a brief introduction as to what you do. 3. You expressed regret for not taking their call. 4. You let them know their call is important to you. 5. And you asked for a detailed message. Asking for a detailed message is very important. It allows you to be prepared when you return their call by knowing what they were calling about. It also prevents a lot of the time lost playing telephone tag. If the caller leaves you enough detail, you may be able to take care of their request, and when you return their call, should you get their recorder, simply be able to leave a message that you accomplished the task. Here are a few rules to go by when answering the phone and recording an answering machine message. 1. Your answering machine message should be in an adult voice. Having your children on your answering machine may be cute, but it is unprofessional. 2. Make sure the room is quiet when you record your answering machine message. Noises from children, window air conditioners, televisions, radios, refrigerators and the like are distracting to the caller. 3. Never let your younger children answer the phone. Older teenagers should be trained to answer the phone in the manner described in this article. 4. Unless you have the equipment to professionally dub music, do not play music on your answering machine message. It sounds terrible, is distracting, and is unprofessional. 5. When you are available, answer every call. People want immediate response. 6. Answer all calls in the manner described herein. Even if it is your closest friend or a member of your organization you speak to several times daily. This does two things. First, it keeps you in the habit. Secondly, it sets an example for members of your organization. By following these few simple rules, you will make the best first impression possible.