Top Ten Ways To Attract Loyalty

The Top 10 Ways to Attract Loyalty Loyalty is valued and appreciated by most, but often hard to come by. Below are some suggestions as to how to attract loyal individuals into your life. Notice that many of the suggestions involve your own behavior. 1. Define what it means to you. Loyalty means different things to different people. Determine what it means to you. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Only then can you truly recognize it and welcome it into your life. 2. Model the behavior that you expect from others. If you practice loyalty and make it a part of your value system, you will easily recognize it in others. Those are the individuals you'll be attracted to. 3. Be true to yourself. Spend time getting to know yourself, taking care of yourself, and standing up for yourself. If you are loyal to YOU - others will be, too. 4. Speak up! If loyalty is what you value, educate those around you. Let them know what is important to you. 5. Accept it! Many of us have so many past hurts that we question every gift that comes our way. We are bitter, and hesitant to accept what others have to offer. Life is too short to live in fear. Open your heart and accept loyalty when it comes your way. 6. Don't tolerate disloyalty. If someone in your life is treating you in a disloyal manner, it's your responsibility to let them know. You owe it to yourself. 7. Life is a journey - allow others the opportunity to change. Some individuals may act in a disloyal manner and, once educated or confronted, will make every effort to shift their behavior. Don't be too hasty to push someone out of your life. You may be forsaking a great potential relationship. 8. Live in the moment. When you live in the moment, your awareness sharpens. You will find loyalty in situations that you never expected. 9. Show gratitude. Acknowledge those in your life who are loyal to you. They will appreciate your feedback. 10. Get a pet! Now this is true loyalty!!