Top Ten Reasons To Let Go

The Top 10 Reasons To Let Go We tend to control or try to hold on to so many issues, people, and situations in our life. Many times we have absolutely no true control over these things or the outcome of situations. Below are ten reasons why we should let go. 1. You will be much lighter A tremendous weight will be lifted when you stop controlling. 2. You will be able to admit your flaws By letting go, you will learn that you cannot do, and be responsible for, everything. You aren't perfect - surprise!! 3. There may be someone else who can handle it better By giving up your responsibility for the person, feeling, issue, etc. - you are encouraging the universe to search for the right person for the job. There may be someone who is much better equipped to deal with it!! 4. Lower your stress level Control takes so much effort. Why put yourself through the stress? 5. Release negative emotions When you let go of an issue, a lot of negative emotions go with it: anger, resentment, fear...... 6. Make room for positive things Letting go frees up room for bigger and better things. Emotionally, you can focus on the positives. 7. Form a great habit The more you become aware of the importance of letting go, the easier it will be to do it. Once you form the habit, life will be much more effortless. 8. Others will appreciate it When you're not constantly controlling someone or something - you become more authentic and relationships will improve. 9. You find out more about yourself When you're not busy fixing someone else, you have more time to fix yourself!! You can explore and get to know yourself. Remember, the only thing we can truly control is our own thoughts and actions! 10. Have fun Once you've established a habit of letting go, you'll see just how much fun you can have with life!!