The Top 10 Signs of a Sure Loser!.....or How to weed out your worst enemies within!

This article is actually a part of what I call my "Hot Sheet". Let me Explain. Whenever I am doing a consulting contract offline you will "always" (and I do mean always) find me with a clipboard in my hand when I am on-site. I am forever taking notes about every little thing. When I sit down at night, I recompile my notes into a viable and legible outline. As I am taking my notes I start categorizing the "Loser List" and the "Winner's Circle". These are nothing more the my "Pros" and "Cons" lists, but I learned sometime ago to name them for my clients, it gives them a little more incentive to work for the Loser List than the "con" list and the same for the Winner/Pro list. Let