How to Succeed -- on Internet or Elsewhere!

Success stories and success books are all over. If you read business magazines, browse through some classified ads or read emails from internet marketers, there is a deluge of stories of people getting rich on the Internet. Some of these "fortunate" ones even start counseling millions of individuals, guiding them to attain success -- mostly for a fee, of course. Surely, most people want to succeed. Who does not like to be comfortable? If given a chance, who would not prefer to live in an attractive home, eat appetizing meals, buy a car, take a trip around the world, own a home-theater stereo set, and have whatever your heart desires? Okay, then, if everybody wants to succeed, why is it that not everybody can make it? Here are some principles to attain success, both on and off the Internet: 1. Have the desire to win! If you don