Find Your Ideal Career (or Business) And Create Your Life Resume

Want a career (or business) that brings a smile to your heart? Don't know exactly what that career might be? This list of ideas can start you on your way. Make the process fun by scheduling a visit to your favorite place -- the beach, mountains, whatever -- where you can compile your lists and daydream too! Seven years ago, I completed the process described below by trial and error -- or was it error and error?! I didn't have a non-biased person, such as my coach or a consultant to support and assist me in the process. I created the process as I went along. You are much luckier than I was at the time! You have this Life Resume and you know where you can go to hire a coach! Take an assessment test: personality, skills, etc. I have compiled a few lists of free online assessment tests and quizzes for you at Also check your local phone book for college career centers, career consultants, or career counselors who offer such tests and many other helpful services too. Online visit the coach referral resources located at Start a new type of resume. List the first paying job you had and then start writing all the tasks you performed. You will not be graded on your penmanship... promise! Compose a volunteer resume, same format as listed above - listing the positions and tasks you performed. Create a list of what you volunteered to do when you went to school. What organizations did you belong to? What projects did you volunteer for? If you're a mom and/or wife (dad or husband), add lists for those areas too! You're putting together a "this is your life resume". Create a list of every career you've ever thought you might enjoy since you were 5 years old. (Ages 6-10 are extremely important!) Now go back to all your lists and cross off every task that drove you crazy, or that you couldn't stand doing, or that you promised yourself you'd never do again! Ask yourself, "is this something that I would enjoy doing for 8 hours"? Take a look at what you are left with and look for the patterns. For example: Did you enjoy teaching in each paying and volunteer position you've held? Does organizing or working with numbers or working with your hands come up in your descriptions time and time again? Does a clear picture of your ideal career or business shine through? If your ideal career isn't evident yet, try these resources: ~~ Visit the Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook at ~~ Ask people, what careers someone would have if they were doing __________ (the things you enjoy doing)? ~~ Consider have the perfect life while you are enjoying working. What would you be doing? OR you won a million dollars and the only stipulation in receiving it is that you'd have to continue working. What would you be working at? Now, go find your ideal career (or business)! Or create something wonderful and new!! Take some classes if need be... and above all, SMILE... With special thanks to the John Crystal Institute (NYC), Richard Boles, and the many other authors who wrote books I've read or studied over the years. Also thank you to everyone who was unable to create their resume, and instead asked me to design it for them.