Why I Don't Invest In The Stock Market!

I'm tired of hearing everyone from the President on down telling me to invest in the stock market. If you want to help build America, invest in your business. This country was built by small business men and women. I don't invest in the stock market because it's out of my control. I don't determine how the company is run or where their profits are placed. On top of all that, the returns are really peanuts compared to what you can earn from a well run business. When the market dropped they said investors shouldn't worry they should have their money back in 5 years. Guess what? If I invest in a good program, I usually make back my investment plus within 5 minutes. Can the stock market do that? I've invested in programs for $10 or $20 and made back 10 times that within 24 hours. I couldn't even cover the brokerage fees for the cost of starting a business online. Take control of your future. Take responsibility for your success. You are the future. Learn how to market on the internet and you'll never worry whether the economy is up or down. You're the boss. Your ability will determine your future. Why are so many people more willing to invest in the markets and not in themselves? They don't believe in themselves. They think big business will make the money for them. I'm going to tell you something that I hope you take to heart. I know you can succeed. I know you can outperform the stock market. I believe in you. Probably more than you believe in your - self. Don't invest in the stock market. Invest in YOU INC. In the words of Ben Franklin "Keep Thy Shop and Thy Shop will Keep Thee." Take off your blinders and realize, you were born to succeed. Invest in you. Wishing You Success