America for War

The Americans themselves billed the vote for now President George Bush in the US as a vote for war.

Politics is the highest form of spirituality. It is spirituality demonstrated in physical form. Political leaders are voted in because they represent the majority vote. Therefore, Bush represents the thoughts of the majority of Americans. It would seem logical then to say that more than 50% of Americans are in favour of war.

History would also demonstrate this. The US is seen around the world as a warring nation. Arguments or differences of opinion then are settled by violence. It is not that the US does not try to get what they want by peaceful means; it simply means that they do not know how to do it. Violence should never be an option, if it is; it is because it is in the thought process already. Every issue has a peaceful solution if the parties in question have the desire to settle it that way. It is a physical reflection of their state of awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Our neighbours are a God fearing nation, mostly Christian, "In God we Trust." Bush acknowledges that he is a Christian and uses that awareness to further his war agenda.

If the most powerful man in the world representing the majority of his country sponsors war, it is because his country and his religion support it as well. This has a lot to say about Christianity. Christianity throughout history has sponsored war. The Christian God himself declares war on his enemies according to his holy scriptures. In history this God has be made responsible for countless wars,