The Emmaus Journal ~ The Standards Of This World Are Not Our Standards

The Emmaus Journal

The Standards Of This World Are Not Our Standards

How often do we hear this righteous phrase and how often do we really heed this righteous phrase? "The standards of this World are not our standards." As Believers these few words should mold our very existence from day to day. I would dare say in the day and age we live in; from moment to moment and from choice to choice.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Believing Christians in Rome that they should not be conformed to this World (the influences of pagan Rome), but be transformed by the renewing of their minds (the influences of the Gospel of Yahshua), that they would prove in their demonstration of living in a Roman society; what is good and acceptable (right standing in judgments and actions) and perfected will of YaHWeH (keeping His standards first-most in everything). Paraphrased from Romans 12: 2.

If Paul had to admonish his fellow brethren over 2000 years ago, how much more so you and I today? We, who now live in a world full of deceitful pollutants that have escalated from Paul's time onward! We don't even have to go out our own homes to be effected by our Romanistic society. Its intolerable presence looms at us from our televisions, our stereos, our CD's, our videos, our computers, our movies, and most entertainments that would try to occupy our lives. Such dark paganism has literally infiltrated, on a global scale now, into businesses, schools, universities, governments, and even religious institutions. There is little reprieve from such and less solace to find within such realms.

We will either go with the flow of this blinding darkness that now permeates our society; or we will make a quality decision, with help from The Holy Spirit, yielding first to standards that promote a righteous quality within our lives. Choosing righteous standards based on heartfelt decisions of faithfulness toward Yahshua and each others first. Not yielding to the scourge of dark abuse this World promotes that would blithely sap the essence of any divine righteous spirituality from our lives.

The standards of this World have sunk to a new low and it is very evident in our World today. But, brethren, it does not mean we have to go along with it! Within each day, within each moment we can choose between the World and its standards or the standards that will uphold our faith and love toward Yahshua. Each choice we make releases the next choice to be made. Whether seen or unseen, known or unknown, every choice in thought or action sets its own distinct pattern within our lives.

The standards of this World do not have to be our standards. We do not have to mold our lives according to the dictates of this World, and we shouldn't. Each one of us instead should be a constant reminder to this World, that there really is a higher standard. We should be the examples, full of light, that shine in such darkness providing a light for those who may pass our way.

This is a real challenge in today's World. This takes walking the talk, and talking the walk. Here our accountability is on the line, not only to the World, but to the brethren and toward Yahshua also. For the standards of this World are not our standards; only when we really desire a higher standard for our own lives first! Know matter who or what we may be, or even where in this life we may find ourselves right now; there is still a higher standard for you personally to take very personally first.