Microchipping Pets

I can't say enough good things about the wonders of microchipping pets. Recently, there was a stray dog in our neighborhood for several days. Rather than have him brought to the shelter and euthanized, or the poor thing hit by a car or abused by children, I brought him home. I called our local newspaper and placed an ad, then called my veterinarian and the shelter to see if anyone had reported her missing. Although no had, the staff at my veterinarian's office recommended that I bring her in so they could scan her to see if she had a microchip. Fortunately, she did have one, and in a matter of minutes I found out her owner's name and phone number. It turns out that she lived in the next county, approximately 20 miles from my house. I contacted her owner and was able to return her that day! What could have been a very sad situation turned into a very happy ending. Although she did have a collar with her license and ID tags on, she had slipped out of it like so many dogs do. Please encourage people that if they have cherished pets that do not have a microchip, to go to their veterinarians and have it done today. Microchips are a good investment for everyone! See my website: http://www.happypettips.com
About the Author

Avid pet lover and owner of many pets of different species. Formerly, bred lovebirds, zebra finches and parakeets. Visit my website: www.happypettips.com