Move Over, Doggie Bag

Pets and pet lovers alike will enjoy a dog gift basket. It's a truly unique gift that lets someone know that you understand how special their dog is to them. Your own furry friend will be delighted with the treats and toys, too.

Dog gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Baskets just for pets include treats and toys, and may also include bedding, dishes, or clothes. The treats may be name brand dog treats or in some cases, gourmet dog cookies or homemade treats. If you give your pet gifts during the holidays, this is something you can both enjoy.

For a pet and owner, a dog gift basket with something for each is a good choice. If you know someone that positively dotes on their dog, this can be a great Christmas gift or a nice thank-you to your veterinarian for a job well done. Often, pet-themed gift baskets include a mug or other item for the owner, a toy for the dog, and treats for both.

Dog gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Small baskets can be had for under $10. Larger baskets, of course, go up in price. Many online retailers offer customized dog gift baskets, as well, including your selection of treats and toys. When selecting a dog gift basket, remember the size of the animal. A tiny poodle or chihuaha would have a hard time with an extra large bone. Likewise a large dog may complete destroy a toy sized appropriately for a small dog.

Pets are playing a role of ever-increasing importance in their people's lives. Where once animals were once a necessity and tool, now they are companions and friends to many people. Recognizing that someone's pet is an important part of their life let's someone know how important they are to you. A dog gift basket is a great way to say that.

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