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Cat and dog fleas are more than just an itchy nuisance, fleas are a health hazard to animals and humans alike. Fleas carry diseases, Anemia, dermatitis and harmful parasites, like tapeworms, are just a few to name. It's not only kind but important to keep pets fleafree. Fortunately it's a relative simple procedure to keep your pets free of fleas and their associated diseases by using effective Flea Control products namely:

Advantage for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (imidacloprid), this is a topical product which is placed directly onto the animals skin which will prevent and kill fleas.

Frontline for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (fipronil), again a topical product and like Advantage is placed directly onto your pets skin to prevent and kill fleas.

Program for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (lufenuron), unlike Advantage and Frontline, this Flea Control treatment is administered orally and inhibits the development of the flea.

Another Flea Control methods which should be done, in the war against fleas and in conjunction with the above effective Flea Control products are, using a flea comb with tightly spaced teeth. By combing your pet every day, especially during the flea season (March through October or year-round in hotter climes). Whilst combing always be on the look out for flea dirt, gritty black specks, which is actually flea feaces, a sure sign that fleas have infested.

Prevention of fleas is easier than the removal of them. One of the best defenses against chronic infestations is maintaining your pet's health.

As an added Flea Control protectant, try natural repellents instead of synthetic sprays or dips, which may contain harmful insecticides. Some chemicals in flea collars, dips and sprays can be very bad for our pets, Fleas can adapt to these types of Flea control treatments and mutate, therefore making the Flea Control treatment inefficient.

Because fleas reproduce faster than bunny rabbits, removing them from your pet is only half the battle, you need to get them from your home. Vacuum all surfaces where fleas (and their eggs) may hide, these include carpets, bare floors, chairs and beds. Put a flea collar in the vacuum bag to kill any fleas that may escape and reinfest your home. Dispose of the bag immediately after vacuuming. Always be sure to wash blankets and sheets in hot water.

Fleas are resilient, but with a little vigilance and an effective Flea Control treatment, your pet and your home can become a zero flea zone.

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