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Since the times of first state formation, the policy of the state has changed greatly. Powerful slave trading states slowly changed into feudal kind of governing, than absolute power of the king or emperor came. After the Contra reformation of the Great Awakening the idea of social equality and partnership appeared. That was actually the echo of early democracy in ancient Greece and Rome. Then step by step states changed their governmental system into what they have now. What we see nowadays is a greatly developed system of international affairs and unities and it seems that there is no need to move forward now. But ways are constantly changing and we may not notice it, just taking it for granted.

After the Age of Great Inventions and Industrial revolution nothing seemed impossible for a searching man. We went deep underground to take out the greatest treasures of Earth like coal and oil, learned how to get gold and silver out of other metals. We went up to the sky and discovered space and still wonder what is in there that we yet don