Civil War Uniforms: 13 Lucky Tips for Choosing Your Leathers

Civil War Uniforms: 13 Lucky Tips on Choosing Your Leathers By Paula and Coach McCoach Believe it or not, Union and Confederate soldiers used the same leathers. You can too! 1. If you are going to do a Federal soldier, buy all U.S. leathers. 2. For Confederates, you can also buy US leathers. Confederates can also buy black leather goods. 3. I don't like the brown or natural leather goods. I just feel that the black was more common. But, this is a personal preference. 4. You can also get the roller buckle, cut your own straps make your own belt. Call me for a consult and I will help you with that. 5. Belt buckle can be a U.S. Georgia Frame- that is a nice buckle that keeps your leathers from wobbling around, and it is highly adjustable. 6. Fork Tong, Snake Buckle British army type buckles - I have found that they wobble. I would stay away from those. Even though they go on and off real fast, and you only need a couple of holes, they still wobble. 7. I use a roller buckle. Don't get that modern stainless steel that they use for weight lifting belts that you see. 8. Don't use the double roller buckle. - I never saw one that looked like it. As I always recommend keep it generic - nice and plain. You can get the tarred stuff. 9. Don't spend money on things you don't need. Maryland or other state oval buckles are not recommended by me because it limits the impression and the buckle and keeper is difficult to get on and off. 10.All other buckles are generic. My recommendation would be the Georgia Frame. 11. I was lucky enough to find some good old buckles one time in Amish Country from a shop that had been in existence for 80 years before it was bought and the current owner was about 80 years old. 12. He was rooting around under stuff and I bet I got every good roller buckle there. Some were "Japanned" - that just means they are painted black with enamel paint. They are so nice, but I couldn't part with them. 13. As I have recommended before, root around in antique stores and flea markets. They are gold mines for Civil War uniforms items at bargain prices! Coach McCoach invites you to subscribe to the Civil War Uniform News where you will receive information weekly on every possible Civil War Uniform item! These tips will help you have an accurate impression and save tons of time and money in the process! You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good impression, and Civil War Uniforms will show you how! You will also receive a free uniforms course for subscribing. Click on this link to subscribe - If you need the information about Civil War Uniforms NOW, go to and purchase a Civil War Uniforms Course.