2006 Graduation Announcements and Graduation Accessories

Why purchase Graduation Accessories like- diploma covers, graduation diploma frames, Graduation Tassels Graduation accessories TRENDS - Shopping Graduation Accessories : Graduation Diploma Certificate Covers, Diploma Frames, Graduation Tassels Etc.. * Money is the most popular graduation gift - in fact, money holder cards are top sellers for Graduation Source(http://www.graduationsource.com). The card serves as a keepsake long after the money has been spent. Clever cards that don't look like money holders are designed to contain a surprise of cash, check or gift card. Plush money presenters also are popular. * Recipients initiate card and gift shopping by sending graduation invitations. Some find it difficult to shop for graduates because they often don't know the graduate well, but they know that whether starting life as an adult or heading off for college, graduates can use money and gift cards. We offers more than 60 money-holder graduation cards in 2005, plus five gift-card holder graduation cards. * High school graduation is the No. 1 reason for purchasing graduation cards, and the average graduate receives 17.5 graduation cards. Sixty percent of all graduation cards are purchased for high-school graduates. College graduation is the No. 2 reason for buying graduation cards, and the average college graduate receives 7.5 cards. * Graduation is accepted as an important milestone in social and personal development. Today's graduation celebrations include open houses, graduation parties and school sponsored after-ceremony receptions and parties. * Graduation gifts typically are themed and tend to be thought of as keepsakes. Friends give graduation cards and gifts to each other to say "goodbye" or as mementos of times shared in school. * Increasingly, graduates give thank-you cards and gifts to parents and teachers to express appreciation for guidance and support during their years of education.