The World of Internet

Internet.... It entered our lives not so long ago, but made a revolutionary change in the lives of all the mankind. Internet brought a new quality of communication, information, services, etc into the world. It helps to sell and buy, communicate and find soul mates; it provides you with essay help and entertains when you feel sad. Its missions are countless. It is our reliable companion in life. As students we order custom essay on the net, as grown ups we use it every hour in our work, older people use internet instead of books, guidebooks, maps, etc. We can't ignore the influence of the internet on our lives. Some say it is negative, the others state it is positive. But it is not all black and white. In this article my aim is to discuss influence of the Internet on person's mind. Internet is distinguished by a high speed of information exchange. That is why we have a completely new level of relations between a person and a computer, between two people with computer's help. We tend to perceive greater amount of information more quickly and we discover new capabilities of our brains, a completely new perception of the old information. Computer specialists have more logically structured mental processes. It enables them to express their ideas more clearly and with more precision, they are more self -organized. One of the most important functions of the Internet is personal communication on - line. On - line communication has its own peculiarities: it is not an epistolary genre, but it is not a real - to - life conversation. It is absolutely new kind of communication combining the both. An opportunity to have a talk with a remote interlocutor in real time mode affords to carry out individual psychotherapy. Virtual communication has its own specific characteristics. The exchange of written messages which substitutes verbal communication is a comparatively slow process. A person has time to ponder on his thoughts and to shape them appropriately. Thus he loses a lot of useful information while typing and editing the text. Though there is an opinion that the exchange of information becomes more intense as for its contents and size. Lately there has been a lot fuss about the so - called Internet addiction. Most of such discussions agree on the irretrievable harm of the Internet addiction. But we suggest not being hasty with conclusions. Let's consider the issue. We can get used to anything: to warm rain, Mexican soap operas, essay writing every weekend. We also can get used to the Internet. You get used to neutral things with no encoding, zombing or programming qualities. They influence you in a natural way like a tasty home pie your mother baked for you and you got used to it. It is up to you whether you will get addicted to something or not. It depends on your personal tastes, world outlook, and your senses. Otherwise everyone will be drinking coffee, watching Mexican soap operas, writing essays every weekend or getting lost in the Internet. Even those who claim all this to be a kind of drugs will be doing the same things. That is why comparing Internet with drug addiction is groundless and people should be careful when drawing such parallels. Can the place with many friends, with a lot of interesting news, where I can find a lot of sensational information do me harm? Can the place containing all the works of art, grand libraries, music, movies, thrilling games do me harm? Surely, not. Will I love this place? No doubt, I will. Will I aspire to visit this place as often as possible? Yes, I will want to come there again and again. Why then everyone gets agitated and worried, if this place is called Internet? What does it change? Internet is a whole world, where your dreams come true, where there are no borders between countries and continents, where you need neither a visa, no passport. I love this world. I got used to it and I miss when I am without it. And it is natural to aspire to everything what is dear to me. - Term Paper writing service