Mobile learning - an alternative worth considering

Although the concept of "mobile learning" is quite new, it has developed at a fast rate and is becoming popular with all age groups. Cell phone applications are becoming easier to use while offering complex learning and education factors. There are virtually no limits to what you can learn from cell phone applications. Mobile learning can reach all fields of study and you can use your cell phone to get new facts about business, culture, social issues, education, entertainment and more. Modern cell phones offer larger displays, which are more suitable for mobile learning. You can also see graphics and visual support implemented in some of the learning applications you can use on your cell phone. Traditional learning Vs. Mobile learning Learning something from a small cell phone screen is different than reading a book or browsing through an online learning application. And although most people would prefer the traditional way of learning when the conditions are appropriate, mobile learning has the great advantage of accompanying you everywhere. For various reasons including limited battery life, mobile learning is not a process that occupies contiguous hours of time. Assimilating information from an application installed on your cell phone is a process consisting of several short bursts of information intake, rather than a continuous study. Mobile learning benefits and weak points Although limited by screen size, the cell phone keypad and shorter battery life, mobile learning still presents users with a series of benefits that can't be ignored. Mobility is essential in today's fast paced world, and mobile learning applications are perfect for such situations. User interactivity levels are also high (please visit for more information) and this makes the learning process more involving and thus it allows for easier information assimilation. Mobile learning applications give cell phones a whole new dimension and take learning at a new level of interaction and accessibility. For updated information please visit: Go Test Go Mobile Technology and Cell Phone Learning * Platinum Design - Free graphic and web design resources