Successful distance learning

To be successful at distance learning you really just need to be a good student. Yes, it is a different way of learning but just because you learn through the Internet versus sitting in a classroom, doesn't change the principles of learning. You have to pay attention in class or when you are online. You have to study the material between classes. You have to complete all of your homework and assignments on time. And you have to ask questions or get extra help if you find yourself stuck or bewildered. Paying attention online in a distance learning program is essential to your success. Normally you will have one online class per subject a week and during that period of time your instructor will try and guide you through the basic theory of a subject and give you a few examples to help you understand and comprehend it. Sometimes these online classes are archived for a period of time so that you can go back and take that class again if you didn't get it the first time. Doing your work in between classes is what really separates the women from the girls and the men from the boys. Sure you can slack off and coast, but no one but you will pay a price for that. Some programs require that you log into the program a number of set times between classes but even if you haven't got that monitoring aspect you still need to study the material between your online classes. In traditional learning programs students who develop and practice good study habits are often the most successful ones. With distance learning it will make the difference between virtual success and online failure. Assignments are an important part of learning in distance learning programs. Other than your tests at the end of the year, these are one of the few ways that an instructor can judge both your progress and if you need help. Develop the discipline to get your assignments completed and submitted on time. Then after they are graded and reviewed take the time to not just check your mark, but carefully review any comments that your instructor may provide. This is one of the only ways that your instructor can give you feedback to improve your distance learning program. Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help in you get stuck. Most distance learning programs have an e-mail response system to deal with your questions and concerns. Many offer online tutoring if you need it. Don't just sit there befuddled. Ask for help.