Pythons Are Becoming Common Pets

The days when people had only dogs or cats as pets are gone. Today, the number of people who have pets that were once considered unorthodox is on the rise. Python is one such pet.

Pets, as we know, are fun. And pythons are big fun. They will make great companions and bring joy to your life. You will be fascinated by their self-effacing manner, laid-back attitude and giant-like appearance. But before you acquire a python, you must realize the commitment you are getting into.

Pythons are everything you will want in a pet. They are more beautiful to look at, easier to maintain and handle, they ask for little, yet give you a lifetime of companionship. And they are safe too. No wonder, they make excellent pets. Lots of people agree. Which is why, every year, there are so many new python owners.

But there is a sad downside. Most of these newly acquired pythons die within the first year. The reason is shocking but true - an insufficient knowledge about python rearing. We are sure all these nouveau python owners loved their recent acquisition. We are also sure that they did everything they thought was needed. Unfortunately they didn't know enough.

This is what prompted us to bring out a Free Newsletter called Python Secrets.

But before we started the newsletter, we did an extensive research with existing python owners and aspirants (418 of them to be precise), to find out what they knew and what they wanted to know. Python Secrets newsletter is based on their feedback.

Let's know some basic facts about Pythons:

Pythons are large snakes found in India, East Indies, Africa and Australia. They live in rugged tropical regions that have heavy rainfall and forests, or some type of low, dense growth. They belong to the python and boa family, Boidae. Pythons are coldblooded; they have the same temperature as the environment. They continue to grow all their lives, getting bigger and bigger each year.

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