Why Links to Your Site Matter to the Search Engines (and

The number of other sites that link to your Web site is highly
important today to these major search engines: Alta Vista, Excite,
HotBot, InfoSeek, Lycos, and WebCrawler. If you have lots of sites
linking to yours, your site is considered 'relevant', significant
and deserving of a top 10-30 rank.

If you don't have many links...

You've got to be concerned about this NOW. The Internet is
becoming increasingly competitive, and at the same time is
swelling in size. Search engines are continually refining the way
they determine top Web site positioning, but count on this:

Link relevancy - the number of sites linking to yours - will play
an increasingly important role. There are three key ways you can
generate links to your site:

1. Develop Your Content

If you make it worthwhile to link to your site, 'they will come'.
According to Forrester Research, continually adding high-quality
content accounts for up to 75% of repeat visitors to your site.
Creating a resource area for people and encouraging them to link
to your site will generate a certain number of links back to you.

2. Be Proactive: Ask For Links

Find sites that reach the same audience you do, and ask each
individual Webmaster for a link. Obviously, this will work only if
you are not a direct competitor of theirs, AND you offer something
of genuine value which they don't already have on their site.
Carefully tailor each request you make to the individual site, and
indicate on which page of the site you feel your link belongs.

Obviously, these two steps are very labor-intensive, painstaking
and will eat up considerable time, which is why the third way to
generate links to your site is an excellent (and quick!) option.

3. Get Involved NOW with a Good Link placement service.

There is no faster way to increase your link popularity and search
engine relevance then to get involved in a good link placement service.
But be careful: most of the free-for-all (FFA) pages will drop your
listing very quickly (often within hours). Rather than spending
endless time posting over and over to multiple FFA sites, choose
one that retains your listing and work it to your advantage.

Look for a link placement service that rapidly submits your site to
a large number of link pages, then retains your site for an extended
period of time. In this way you will increase your visibility for
the search engine spiders which will result in significantly
better positioning on the major search engines.

For many online businesses the link placement of choice is
Linkomatic, which has been in business for over two years and has
a proprietary network of 3500+ link sites. Because Linkomatic has
exclusive control of their network and does not allow outside
submissions, listings are retained on their pages for a much
longer period of time.

Businesses submit their site each week to the exclusive Linkomatic
network, and the result is better positioning with the major
search engines. To learn more about how this top link placement
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