Do You Know What Should Go Into A Pet First Aid Kit?

Do You Know What Should Go Into a Pet First Aid Kit?

I have a dog named Maybelle and cat named Mitsy. We do love taking them for long walks in the park. The last thing I think of is the first aid kit. But when Maybelle got tick and I did not have a tweezers to get it off and I had to wait till I got home that is not good. It would of been a lot easier if I had my kit with me.

That got me thinking how many other owners of dogs or cats know what goes into a kit if there dog or cat was seriously injured or hurt? We all see dogs or cats hit by a car and somehow make it home only to die in the Vetnerian office if we only had our kit ready and handy to help if could saved there life.

There are also times when it is really hot out side and the heat get us can you imagine our dog or
cat out in this heat. They feel it too and more than we humans think. We spend a lot money on food and toys for our dogs and cats this is least we can do for them is have emergency Pet First Aid kit ready.

Here is the Basic List from doing my own research and there maybe are more items you can add that you may feel is necessary for your dog or cat feel free to do so.

(1) any medication your dog or cat is taking or being treated for

(2) masking tape

(3) scissors

(4) hydrogen peroxides (to clean wounds or induce vomiting)

(5) ipecac