The Top Five Reasons To Rescue A Boxer

What if you want a Boxer, but cannot stomach the thought of housebreaking, chewed up shoes and boundless puppy energy? Have you ever heard of Boxer rescue? These organizations provide loving care (and sometimes rehabilitation) to Boxers who have been surrendered by their owners, found abandoned or rescued from harmful situations.

Too many people get a Boxer for the wrong reasons and thankfully there are rescue organizations to take these dogs into their homes and provide care until a forever family can be found.

Now, this is not to say that rescue dogs are perfect, just that with a little love and care these can be the best companion you may ever have. Many a rescue volunteer has been so touched by a Boxer moving through the rescue system that they are impacted forever.

To help you decide if a rescue Boxer is for you, read the list below. You may be surprised what a 2nd chance Boxer can do for you!

1. No housebreaking! In fact, most rescue volunteers do their best to ensure the dogs are housebroken and know some basic commands.

2. Rescue/Adult Boxers are usually past the chewing stage. Just be sure to provide plenty of appropriate chew toys.

3. Reduced veterinary expenses. Most of the time, your Rescue Boxer will be neutered or spayed already (almost always) and have its shots. There will be instances when you need to continue a medication, but the volunteers will give you plenty of information prior to adopting a Boxer.

4. Sweet Dreams. Rescue/Adult Boxers usually mean that you get a goodnight sleep since you don