FunnyFacy, the next generation smileys

To express your emotion: FunnyFacy enables his visitors to make smileys from their own portrait. The process only takes 5 very simple stages: 1- Your picture upload 2- Cut out to determine the "smiley fufys" basis: "Fufys" is the FunnyFacy smiley product name. 3- Location of eyes, noze and mouth. 4- Fufys choice: The range is quite wide, from fixed to 3D animated fufys to morphing effects and super-imposed text ... 5- And finaly, online payment: Depending on your country, payment type, usually through phone call. To note: A totally FREE version of smiley fufys is also proposed. These last ones include a small advertisment logo. FunnyFacy features are both numerous and attractive. A service to feed email users willing customisation and originality. That is your turn now . Just click this address: to take benefit from the proposed service. To be noted: FunnyFacy website proposes a sober and nice user interface using these 5 languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.