" Cartoons, Comedians and Congressman"

As a student of the body-politik, I have recently been re-examining the seemingly absurd notion of having comedians and cartoon characters filling in for the roles of our current politicians and statesman. After careful consideration- the notion may not be so absurd at all. As a former student of public administration at Ohio State University in the mid 1980s, I had offered the notion to one of my professors. She looked at me quite condescendingly and suggested that perhaps I should spend less time in front of the tube on Saturday mornings and more time studying the rudiments of statesmanship. I took it personally and offered her an exploding cigar. Others have clandestinely intimated to me that there just might be true merit to the idea. Our corridors of power would not be filled with the current group of irksome and often mediocre politicos pursuing self-serving agendas. Instead, a diverse assemblage of wise-cracking rabbits, sponges wearing square pants, and fearless mice sporting capes would successfully be passing legislation. As an example, what better group to consider the issues of commercial depletion of our national park lands than the very critters who inhabit them? Daffy Duck's take on hunting legislation would be of immeasurable value. And who better than Mickey Mouse to offer some prudent advice on cheese export tariffs? Talk about political expediency, having the ability to physically zoom above political firestorms, walk off of mountain cliffs without falling, and deftly slip in and out of rabbit holes during voting role calls, does have its value. Along with our celluloid friends, real life comedians would equally do well as substitutes for our contemporary statesmen. The late Rodney Dangerfield, although obsessed with his self-proclaimed lack of receiving respect, would offer some real insight to issues regarding dignity for those living on the edges of society. Joan Rivers, as chair of a senate subcommittee investigating licensing regs for cosmetic surgery would leave them in stitches. And, seasoned legislators would have nothing on Moe, Larry and Curly. Only this trio, based upon collective personal experience, could effectively influence legislation on the public health hazards of misplaced banana peels, the impact of being poked in the eyes, and the ramifications of ingesting varnish and paint. In sum, I am convinced that there are few social or political problems that couldn't easily be solved by that special character who has mastered the perfectly executed pratfall, delivered an artfully tossed cream-pie, or had an anvil fall upon their heads. You can have your legislators, your savvy politicians, your stuffy statesmen. As for me...a government of bunnies, rascals, and stand-ups will do just well...with Porky Pig, of course, as "P...PP..PPres..presid...er...a...Chief Executive!"