Occasional Poems: Puppy TOys

Welcome to our latest Occasional Poem. Many of my poems are written in a state of bemusement over the behavior of our four legged family members. Our dogs in particular demonstrate an overwhelming need to show off their toys. They come running up to you with toy in mouth, all eager for your attention. When an 85 pound Labrador Retriever drops a three pound bone on your foot, believe me, you pay attention. Puppy Toys Each morning it's my puppy's joy, To bring me each and every toy, He wags his tail and wiggles so, Then drops his bone upon my toe. His eyes are filled with anxious hope, That every frisbee, ball and rope, Will garner some new word of praise. Can I do less beneath his gaze? I'll toss his ball and tug of war. He'll keep on coming back for more. His playful vigor has no end. No wonder that he's man's best friend.