Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005. NIFTY NAMES FOR NECTARS OF THE GODS Or, do they really make wicked witty Wines from DeVines? By Theolonius McTavish, a man of mirth and good cheer not to mention a keen interest in finding just the right seasonal gift for impossible people or those who appear to have everything. If you're like me, you truly can't abide trundling through the stores at this time of year hunting for just the right seasonal gift for certain impossible people in your life, (you know ...the cantankerous cubicle colleague or feisty family member you want to avoid at all costs). Fear not there is a simple solution at hand in the form of "naughty and nice" names when referring to nectars of the gods. For those who enjoy dining at a table, there's always a selection of deliriously decadent drinks to accompany one's vittles, you know the ones with "big aromas", "full of body" just oozing all over with "flavor, spice and style"! To make a long story short, I've found the best way to separate the "hoi polloi" from the "hoity-toity" is to take a wee peek at the wicked wine labels appearing on the shelf of your favorite liquor store. The high-falutin, long-nosed snooty boot folks usually prefer wines with real corks and long foreign names to accompany their double cr