Rhymes With Love

This latest poem actually came about when I was working on a commission for a client and my editor refused to let me get away with a line that rhymed "glove" and "love". That's what editors are for, to catch us out in our moments of weakness and insanity when we try to get away with literary malfeasance. She was right of course, but I decided I'd have my revenge, and here it is: Rhymes With Love Of all the problems poets face, There's one that stands in center place, When it comes to push or shove, The paucity of rhymes for love. With every passing day and year, It constantly grows more severe. You need to talk about a dove, Just so you have your rhyme for love. The changing times and fashions too, Have made this problem one to rue. For instance who would have one glove? That's what you need to rhyme with love. And if your grammar's hit or miss, A preposition gives you this: The desperate, awkward phrasing of A sentence just to rhyme with love. Even politics joins in, To spice it with a bit of sin, Just mentioning New Jersey's gov, And there you have your rhyme for love. When all else fails in crafting verse, There's some who go from bad to worse. They call upon the Lord above, To help them get that rhyme for love.