Turkey Trot Trivia Quiz

1. Most folks know that Americans celebrate a Thanksgiving Day, but they aren't alone. What event is celebrated in The Virgin Islands on Oct. 25? A. A Thanksgiving Day to rejoice in the end of the hurricane season B. A Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the end of the harvest season C. A Thanksgiving Day to mark the beginning of the harvest season D. There is no such event except in The QuizQueen's imagination. A. A Thanksgiving Day to rejoice in the end of the hurricane season QQ: The Virgin Islands observe a Thanksgiving Day on Oct. 25 to rejoice in the end of the hurricane season. That is certainly something to celebrate alright! 2. Where did turkeys come from? A. Turkey B. Europe C. South America D. Antarctica C. South America QQ: Turkeys weren't introduced into Europe from the Spanish colonies in South America until 1523. However, by 1524, turkeys, imported from South America, were eaten at the court of King Henry VIII of England. 3. Thanksgiving is also a legal holiday in Canada. When does it fall? A. Second Monday in October B. Second Thursday in October C. Second Monday in November D. Second Thursday in November A. Second Monday in October QQ: Because Canada is north of the United States, its harvest comes earlier in the year. Accordingly, the Thanksgiving holiday falls earlier in Canada than in the United States. The Canadian Parliament set aside Nov. 6 for annual Thanksgiving observances in 1879. In 1957 the date was shifted to an even earlier day, to the second Monday in October. 4. Who originally domesticated the turkey? A. The Turks B. The Mexicans C. The Chinese D. The Vulcans B. The Mexicans QQ: The turkey was originally domesticated in Mexico. The ocellated turkey is native to the Yucat