Family Guy - Biography Of Peter Griffin.

Peter Griffin is one of the funniest, probably the most important characters in the cartoon animation series of 'Family Guy'. He is a Nice, Funny, Fat ass character, who is not afraid of spreading the word of his mind in to the world and change everybody's world. Peter's mind is 2X smaller then Homer Simpson and he is 2X fatter then Homer. He has no idea what he is doing or where he is. If it wasn't for Louis, his wife he would be out of his job, his house and would have no life. He does many stupid things that homer wouldn't. He always makes mistakes in his life and loses everything but later says 'Sorry' and gets back with his family. He has a very strange mind and thinks of easy steps to do his tasks, which he ends up messing up. He is lazy to go to work and instead wants to become the prime minister or own a country or have another strange idea in his mind. He is always trying to find new ways for his son 'Chris' to lose weight. He advises his daughter 'Meg' to socialize with people in school and find new friends. He is kind and gentle with the Evil Stewie, who calls him a fat man. He is a good friend of 'Brian', his talking dog who always advises peter when he needs help and gets help from peter when he has any problems. Peter was in love with his wife 'Louis', when they first saw each other. He never expected to be married to a girl from a Rich family like: Louis, but Louis was kind enough to give him a chance and marry him but then she had to give a lot more chances because of his stupid mistakes. Peter is a nasty and dirty man, He is the nastiest person alive in his town. He likes to hangout with his friend and drink beer, who he has been with him most of his childhood and even before that when peter's grand parents and his friend's grand parents were alive. In one Episode Peter reveals that his 14th grand parent was a Black Man, so he join the Black community, where his idea of Blackism doesnt work and he soon gets kicked out. Peter does many things with his pals through out the series, He parties with them, Joins the Army with them, Fights them, Suspects them and even goes on war with them. He is very happy and gentle with 'Cleveland', The Black Friend of peter, who asks peter for help when he suspects his wife is cheating with 'Quagmire', the family guy pimp and asks peter to make him a man. Quarmire, the lady's man in family guy is always hittin on woman, even peter's wife 'Lious'. He is not afraid of reaching woman and is always first to help a woman in danger in case of help.He drugs many woman during the series but was never successfull. Joe, Peter's handicaped friend who is still in the army, is always trying to protect the city but is challanged with peter sometimes when he does stupid things. Joe has a army type of personality and is strict with his rules. Peter meets many more characters during the series and they all have the same views about peter. Peter has been overweight from 14 generations with the same kind of hair style and looks. Chris, his son will keep this generation of being overweight for the enxt generation. Peter does many stupid and bizzarre things during the series, Almost every suffering and pain suffered by the Griffins is because of peter. He is happy on his couch watching his favorite show or the news on his stolen cable with Brian and will do anything to stop his favorite show from closing down. He always tries to learn new ways of making money without working and also tries many scams which he regrets. He runs from Death and even becomes death itself in a episode, where he had to kill his family. Peter always has new ideas for improving the Grifin's lifes and become more popular or even a star, Mostof the times 'Lious', his wife would show him the right away and would lead him through his problems or he would have lost his life. He always tries to do something right and ends up doing the opposite and brining pain to every body. Brian, peter's talking dog calls peter a pain in the ass and advises him to do everything the right way and stay away from trouble. Peter always realizes his mistakes at the end of the show and promises not to make this mistake again, which he forgets in 2 seconds. Life and death doesnt mean anything to him, he might play with death at any time and barely survives. Peter is always concerned about his weight and tries to lose weight in many episodes, where he some how gets his weight back and knows that he is not meant to be skinny. Peter misses recognizing danger or read danger signs and ends up putting himself in danger or life threat. He needs constant watch and someone to look after him or he will lose his life. He gets fired from his work many times because of his stupid mistakes and the danger he has caused. Peter is a easy believer, He would believe every small thing people or signs will tell him, even if its testing the new death shots or a sign telling him to jump off the bulding. Peter is brainless and is in lack of thinking or using his mind. He barely uses 1% of his mind. He makes his decisions fast with no real idea behind them which causes a big trouble for him. He is good with socializing people and talking about stuff people already know or not interested to know. He has lack of sense for others and takes alot longer to understand the truth behind something, He always thinks of himself before his family and friends and is reminded by his wife 'Lious' about the right path. Regret is a normal thing for peter, every decision and step he has taken which turns into disaster ends with regret to his family and friends. His family and friends are so tired of his sorries that it means nothing to them.