Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005. IT'S NUTTY NOVEMBER! Or, in other words, "National Nudnik Month"! Compiled by Lady Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by Lord Earl Craboon November is the 11th month of the calendar year, so what else is new? Well for one thing this month features a good many things for knuckleheads, ninny-hammers, and nudniks to engage in since their attention spans are usually shorter than the bat of an eye or a flash in the pan. They can all take heart from the fact that this month is full of merry-making for morose mavens and munchkins...after all it's only one month away from the biggest gift-giving gala of the year! So without further adieu, here's what's in store for you to do to celebrate odd occasions and weird events this month. November 1 - National Who's Been Eating My Porridge Day (For Goldilocks and the three bear types who can't get their fill of cream of wheat, oatmeal or bran man!) November 2 - Are you sure that's the Road to San Jose Day? (In honor of all those who despise analogue devices such as maps, and would rather use their handy-dandy new digital high-flying GPS gizmo that fits in your pocket, talks, and comes in 45 colors!) November 3 - National Grin & Bare It Day (Everyone needs a lack practice in the art of stoicism and steadfastness ...after all "suck it up" is better than "spit it out"!) November 4 - Scorpio Awareness Day (Time to spot those fixed water signs who rule the world of magical matters like taboos and know the intractable, inscrutable, impenetrable secretive souls who have things good things going for them... they have magnetic personalities, are unshockable, and understand failure...yee haw!) November 5 - Guy Fawkes Day (The second time this year you can officially light firecrackers under the seat of any nosey nemesis or naughty nudnik naturally). November 6 - One Toy That Should Never Have Been Invented Day (Okay now it's time to figure out what tawdry toy you've encountered sometime during your stay on planet earth should quite frankly never have seen the light of day). November 7 - Worst Workplace D