Why SEO Should be Handled by the Inept

I guess I'm what you'd call "accidentally semi-successful". When I started my website 3 years ago I knew absolutely nothing - still don't, but I've gotten very good at faking it. I'd like to take credit, claim that I'm savvy about Internet Marketing, write a nice fat ebook on the subject to sell for $97, but the fact is I'm not sure how it's happened. Here are a few things I've begun to suspect to be true... It's easy to be #1 on Google if you can't remember that you've already written what you wanted to say in your content so you repeat yourself, inadvertently ending up with extensively rich keyword densities. Search engine robots love to crawl your ever-updating site because you just can't make up your mind if you want the menu on the top or on the left. You couldn't sell water to a dying man in the desert so you give everything away - visitors love you for it and keep coming back for more. If your writing stinks, don't worry. People pop in for the free stuff, look around a bit, then click on those pay-per-click ads to get out of there in a hurry!