Trust - A poetic investigation, not hampered by commitee status.

Trust. We are here to listen, To every word you say, We will surely then glisten, What the mood is in this way, So many start to chatter, And forward on their views, Little knowing it wont matter, And will never make the news. We are all for truth, For transparancy not lies, So we can face our youth, With honesty in our eyes, So many believe the rhetoric, And persuade themselves its true, Little knowing its a set up trick, to delude in all they do. Its your right to protest, And your heritage to march, Where your complaint will be noticed, And your presence will be large, But no one hears the voices, And the cameras arent even on, The illusion is there are choices, When in reality there are none. so the listeners are all deaf, Just ignoring as before, They merely invent a virtual threat, And plunge us all into war, No one heeds a countries needs, No one cares what we all feel, Refusing to account for misdeeds, Whilst we are forced to kneel. For there is another way, onward, They would have us all believe, Much as a glib tongued con would, Seeking purely to deceive, Lo, taxation will never ever change, And great joy will fill the land, Though our actions seem a little strange, Its all going just as planned. Suddenly its rhetoric thats transparant, And the listeners hear not quite nothing, The glares now are quite apparant, And the sound is muted frothing, For the illusion is unravelling, The promised land just as far away, Their new ale isnt travelling, And their house is in decay. Do you believe a word they say, Feel secure they are in place, They promised us all a different way, Then slapped us in the face, Seemed to think we would just blink, And take it in our stride, Forget they tweak a dangerous link, When they tamper with our pride. They seem to deem us stupid, Devoid of thought or reason, And only ever act as cupid, When its an election season, Previously ministries made mistakes, And cuckolded cogent cries, But none before these raised the stakes And made an art form out of lies.