I nearly Drove the Ruddy Fire Engine Myself

Now then, those visitors already familiar with some of the other articles on the site will know that, yes, I found love last year, but it involved me taking on the role as step dad. I wasn't really up for that, to be honest. It can be best summed up as: I fell in love but at a cost. I was a bachelor boy and I don't mean in the way that Sir Cliff ruddy Richard is. No, that's just unnatural and deeply disturbing bachelorhood (!) I mean, I was one of the boys down the bar, shooting pool and giving my liver a nervous breakdown. But, there we are, I was in love so a young boy and girl became my step-kids. To be honest, I'm young at heart. It's an advantage. (I think the pickling of my liver weirdly also preserved my mind in a suspended perpetual youthful look on life. Pickled and preserved, I think they call it